Fantastic Magic Camp – Teaching life skills and confidence through magic, juggling, and puppets to kids ages 5 through 12 in Austin, TX since 1993. Register now for Spring and Summer Camp 2016

Now Featuring Year ‘Round Day Camp activities including Winter Camp, Spring Camp, and Summer Camp.

The most amazing, fun and unusual Day Camp in Austin, TX

Imagine a place where…

Kids discover their unique inner Magic through learning magic tricks.
Campers are surrounded by people both young and old who recognize and embrace that uniqueness.
A shy little girl learns to express herself through the actions of a puppet.
Both the timid and adventuresome discover that they can master things they never dreamt they could do, like making cards appear out of thin air, balancing on stilts and riding a unicycle.
Children get to engage in robust physical activity and games without ever worrying if someone will pick them to be on a team.
Every day is filled with fun, laughter and lots of surprises.
Everyone makes friends and learns to care for each other, because nothing else makes sense.

…that is Fantastic Magic Camp, where, after nearly a quarter century, we continue to work Magic with kids!

My son loves being at Magic Camp!  He looks forward to it all year! We can see him evolve during each session.  He uses phrases like, “Imagine for a moment that…” and “What would happen if…” regularly.  Those are the types of questions we want our child asking!  His creativity, imagination and confidence all take a leap after camp – Gina McFarlen, Parent

All of our camp sessions are held at our wonderful Journey IFC location from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM, with an optional Magic Camp Rehearsal Time from 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM. Rehearsal Time is $60 per week.


Summer Day Camp

Session 1: $275
June 6, 2016 – June 10, 2016
Session 2: $550
June 13, 2016 — June 24, 2016
Session 3: $550
June 27, 2016 — July 8, 2016
Session 4: $550
July 11, 2016 — July 22, 2016
Session 5: $550
July 25, 2016 — August 5, 2016
Session 6: $550
August 8, 2016 — August 19, 2016