Every day at Fantastic Magic Camp is filled with fun, adventure and discoveries. We open every weekday at 8:00 am for the arrival of campers. The program starts at 9:00 am sharp with an assembly, which will establish a roadmap for the day. Often the assembly will include skits, stories, games or demonstrations of some of the items in our camp’s magic store.

I’ve sent two children to Magic Camp for several summers. My older daughter is now a counselor. I don’t even consider sending them anywhere else.
— John Chauffe / Parent


Next we have our juggling class. Campers get to learn balancing and plate spinning. They learn how to juggle everything from scarves and balls to boxes and rings. They also get to try their hand at juggling sticks and the Diablo (a type of Chinese yo-yo. Towards the end of each session they also get a chance to work with stilts and unicycles. We like to start the day off with a lot of vigorous physical activity, because it helps the campers focus better throughout the day.

Juggling is followed by snack time. Campers will eat snacks they brought from home, while they play board games, share magic tricks or just run around and drive the staff crazy. With food in their bellies and a good morning workout, the campers are now ready for our magic and puppet classes.

Campers are divided by age and experience and they head off to either a magic class or a puppet class. In Puppets, campers are introduced to the many different types of puppets and then they get to create their own puppets. We also spend a fair amount of time on performance techniques and kids get a chance to put on their own puppet shows. In Magic, campers are given the rules of magic and are taught the basic elements of misdirection and sleight of hand. Every day, campers learn new tricks, which they get to take home and perform endlessly for their family.

During lunch time, which is also brought from home, we often have some form of group game. After lunch, campers are treated to an exciting performance by a professional variety entertainer. Four days a week we bring in some of the best magicians, jugglers and ventriloquists in Texas to perform for our campers. These shows are open to the public and friends and families are encouraged to join us.

In addition to all of this, we also offer some bonus classes on everything from balloon sculpting and face painting, to clowning and improvisational comedy. At least four days out of each two week session are special theme days. On each of those days, campers, counselors and staff are encouraged to dress up appropriately.

  • Madness Monday- Anything goes on this day. The schedule is topsy-turvy. Some people may have their clothes on backwards and the day is full of unexpected surprises.
  • Trash Tuesday- Campers create giant puppets out ofrecyclables and other "stuff" that they had planned to throw away.
  • Wizarding Wednesday- This day is all about fantasy. Counselors host a very unusual Tri-Wizard’s Tournament to honor the Harry Potter books and all of the activities are based around this theme.
  • Carnival Day- This is probably our most popular day. Our counselors and staff host the most ridiculous Carnival Side Show and the day ends with fun carnival games where campers play games and win lots of prizes (don’t be surprised if your child comes home with a big stuffed animal).
  • Theme days, like Superhero Day or Pirates vs. Ninjas day, pop up at the imaginative suggestions of our creative counselors.

Our day ends at 3:00 pm, and pick up time is 3:00 - 3:30 but for those who wish to stay longer we offer an optional “Rehearsal Time," running from 3:00 - 6:00, where campers can practice what they have learned that day with assistance and supervision from our counselors and staff. They may also engage in any of the camp activities they choose (games, reading a book from our Magic Camp library, juggling, putting on shows, and even an occasional magic, juggling, puppet or circus video).