How to Get to Camp

The summer of 2015 was the first year at our current location, and we will again this year be located at this convenient spot.

As most of you already know, Austin Community College converted Highland from a mall to an educational facility. We have been searching for a new home for the camp ever since we got the news in February. While there were many options available to us, there were a few factors that we felt were essential:

  • It had to be within 2 miles of Highland Mall, so as not to inconvenience our campers and their families.
  • It should be at least as big as our location at the mall so that we would not have to reduce the size of our sessions.
  • It needed to be in a safe location and welcoming environment.
  • Ideally it would also include some features not available to us at the mall, like separate rooms to make teaching easier or an outdoor playing area.

We found many locations, but none of them fit all of the criteria we were looking for, except for one. We were so excited about it that we even put in a bid to purchase the property.

The bad news is that we were outbid. The good news is that a few days ago they agreed to rent the space to us. On Monday they finalized the sale so we can now announce our new location.

The new address is 7500 Woodrow Ave, Austin, TX 78757.

For anyone who lives in North Austin, Northwest Austin, West Austin, South West Austin or Round Rock, we have just shaved a few minutes off of your drive time. If you live in East Austin or South East Austin this will add about a mile and a half to your daily drive.

The new location was built in 1952 to house the Evangelical Free Church of Kimbro (now in Elgin). Since then, the space has been home to a number of different churches and a Montessori School. Not only does the new location give us more room to work with, but it also gives us more rooms and (this is my favorite part) an outdoor play area.

We couldn’t ask for a better or friendlier neighborhood. The Crestview neighborhood is a wonderful community of upper-middle-class families. It’s a great place to raise kids and a great location for Fantastic Magic Camp.