Our first 2nd generation camper

2nd-Generation-Camper-BryceWe are officially Grandparents (sort of). For the past 21 years, we have treated every camper as if they were one of our own and we see them all as part of our amazing extended family.

Last year, Gus Davis, who attended our very first camp (and many, many more after that), sent his five-year-old to our camp for the first time. Bryce, an incredibly outgoing little boy, is our very first second generation camper.

As a camper, Gus attended many sessions every year until he was thirteen years old. He then moved up the ladder, from Counselor in Training, to Counselor, Senior Counselor, Instructor, Assistant Camp Director, Director and eventually a member of the camp’s first Board of Directors.

Today, Gus is a full time professional magician and entertainer. He travels around the country performing, presenting workshops on balloon sculpting and thrilling college and corporate audiences with the unique and exciting “Game Shows To-Go”.

Gus continues grace us with his presence as one of the many professional magicians presenting daily public magic shows at the camp.

It was no surprise to us that, just like his father did more than twenty years ago, Bryce immediately won over the hearts of everyone at the camp. He even taught one of our counselors how to play chess during one of the lunch breaks (this kid is bright).

Bryce is an amazing kid, a total ham and a great addition to the Magic Camp. It is official now, we have become a “Legacy Camp” and we couldn’t be happier. We look forward to welcoming many more second generation campers in the years to come.

Gus Davis was among our first campers. Today, he's a performer and proud dad of our first "legacy" camper!

Gus Davis was among our first campers. Today, he’s a performer and proud dad of our first “legacy” camper!