Fantastic Magic Camp Scholarships

We are very sorry, but the scholarship committee has stopped taking applications for the 2016 season. But add December 1st to your calendar and feel free to apply for a scholarship then.

Fantastic Magic Camp can provide scholarships for tuition assistance to those campers needing it. Our goal is to not let a lack of money keep someone who is truly interested from attending our camp. If you would like to make a contribution to Fantastic Magic Camp Scholarship Fund please click here, or you may call us at (512) 988-3045.

We do not offer scholarships for rehearsal time. We want to make our scholarships available to those children who will benefit the most from our specific programs, as opposed to simply a need for day care. We answer scholarship requests as soon as we can, normally within two weeks of receiving them.

To apply, click the help (question mark) button at the bottom right of this page. Enter your email address and your name, as well as brief paragraph stating:

  • The reason for tuition assistance request (e.g., single parenting, unusual medical expenses, etc)
  • How much do you need (please specify an exact amount, e.g., “I would like a $150 scholarship”)
  • Why you think your child would particularly benefit from attending The Fantastic Magic Camp.

Our scholarship committee meets regularly from January through June and you can expect a response in under two weeks.